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This all started with a phone call. I was in the Detroit airport, and Annie called me to say hey. We had been talking recently about music and Nashville and what means what and who means who and whether any of it actually meant anything at all. In the midst of horrible jokes and my cursing, we talked about the records we had been listening to and why they transcend time and generation. I told Annie we should start a band and make beautiful music. And that I would get us kicked out of every club in Nashville for my obscenities and varying degrees of nudity.

She laughed.

And that was that.

Gabriel, long story short, recently moved into the backyard of our good friends Liz and Lillie. He bought a RV for $1,000. He was making music 24/7, working on demos and songs for a record to come out in 2011. We spoke about making some songs in that RV, and so we did. I wrote a few songs. Annie brought one over. And Gabriel was constantly telling me to quit sucking, go home and practice. Annie and Gabriel, thank the Lord, are both gifted musicians and singers. They are the reason for these songs and for this beautiful record of ours.

We recorded these songs with one microphone, all live, over the course of a month in that RV. We pushed for full takes, lots of mistakes, and honest, real songs made with more love and laughter than I have ever experienced in my life. I don't regret anything in my life, but I wish I started doing this long ago. Our good friend, Wes Bob, also came over and drank red wine, and then played pedal steel.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to these songs. Give them to one another, share them with others, and make some songs of your own.

Peace and blessings,

Robert Hardy.

With all my love, thank you Annie and Gabriel.

Ps. Watch the recording of this record here [ vimeo.com/21040796 ]


from Come On Back To Me, released March 15, 2011
Songs by Robert Hardy, Annie Williams and Gabriel Kelley
Mixed by Paul Hart, Gabriel Kelley and Robert Hardy
Produced and Engineered by Gabriel Kelley
Songs recorded in Gabriel's '77 Dodge Rv- "Mobile Traveler Studios"
All instrumentation by Gabriel Kelley with an appearance on Pedal Steel by Wes Bob on "For You I'll Wait"
Mastered by John McCaig | panicStudios

Album/Site Photo : Lisa Elmaleh / lisaelmaleh.com
Album/Site Design: Nicoleirene / wordsarecameras.com
Album Video: Nicoleirene / vimeo.com/21040796



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COME ON BACK TO ME Nashville, Tennessee

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